Eduro Rules

* Fire suit (SA Rated)- Helmet-Gloves-Window Net-Eye protection required
* 5 point harness required-racing seat recommended – window net mandatory-Window nets
will have a quick detach at the top of the net. They must be able to drop the window net at
any time to exit the car. Old seat belts bolted or riveted over the opening are not
acceptable as window nets
* Driver and passenger okay- all safety rules for passenger apply. No rear seat
* Roll over bar required- 4 post cage recommended- steel post 2” min. dia. With
1/8” plate welded to each end. It must be bolted to the roof and floor with ½”
bolts. If you have a passenger, you must have a second post to protect the
passenger, OR rollover hoop with diagonal supports on each side. Min. 1 ½”
x.095 tubing.
* Doors must be bolted or welded shut. If Bolted- 3/8 bolts -3 across the end- 2 on
the bottom
* Windshield ok – If windshield removed 3 bars mandatory across the opening
* Air bags must be removed
* You must pass safety inspection to race
* No reinforced bumpers or inner structures. No cow catcher bumpers
* Catalytic converters must be removed.
* Exhaust must exit behind driver
* Cars – stock-No race cars - 4 or 6 cyl. FWD – mini vans okay. RWD under
3600 lbs. ok
* No modifications to suspension or engine – Stock Only
* All glass molding, lights, interior must be removed
* Minimum air pressure in all tires – 32lbs.
Driver Rules
Transponder and Raceceiver mandatory if your transponder don’t work we can not
Score your car.
All Enduro vehicles subject to approval by race track officials. No refunds of any kind if your car is not approved to race.
All decisions with tech and scoring by Hartford Speedway and Midwest Dirt Officials are Final.
Note: Event procedures, vehicle specification, rules, time and date, length of event, are subject to change at Hartford Speedway and Midwest Dirt Officials discretion.
*Stop on all red flags- maintain gap
*Stay strapped in your car until red flag- get out to infield until race is done
*If you have a right side flat, slow down- go to infield or off the track immediately-no exceptions- you will be black flagged if you don’t
Decisions of track officials final! Questions call 312-722-4433


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