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                                                                                                                2021 Series Rules



1. Any Front Wheel Drive, 4 or 6 cylinder. Including mini vans. No convertibles, Trucks, 2 seat coupes. No Turbo or super charged engines, No multi-carburetors, No Rotary engines, No Mid or Rear engine Cars, No Cosworth engines. Factory Stock Fuel injection only.


2. Stock Body and Stock Suspension. Hoods and Trunks must be pinned or strapped down. Bumpers must be chained or strapped to frame. All holes in firewall must be covered. Steering and Suspension must be stock. Camber (front & rear) allowed at 1”. This will be measured with a carpenter square.


3. All Glass except for windshield must be removed. Lexan windshield is OK. All loose glass must be vacuumed out of car. No mirrors. All airbags must be removed from all enduro cars. The driver protection bars must be placed and securely attached in front of the driver if no windshield.


4. Gas Tank may remain in place if located in front of rear axle. Any tank behind rear end must be replaced and relocated in trunk behind a firewall. Use a small fuel cell, boat tank, etc. Must be mounted farthest forward of trunk area, securely fastened. Rear firewall must be enclosed if gas tank is in trunk.


5. Radial Tires Only, 14, 15 or 16 “75, 70, 65, 60, or 55 series- maximum 225. Stock wheels for that make and model of car are fine. Safety wheels on right side only. Maximum 7” wide. Maximum 1" camber.



6. A steel plate welded or bolted to the exterior of your driver’s door and overlapping the front and back door seam is required if you do not have a roll cage with driver’s door bars. The door plate must extend 6” beyond the front & rear seam of the driver’s door (12” longer than the length of the driver’s door). The height of the door plate should be a minimum of 12” tall, but can be with 16” of material but 12” would be a minimum.  We “strongly suggested” a basic roll cage with drivers side door bars.  A fire suit and gloves are required. Helmets are required.  A Snell 2005 or higher rated helmet is HIGHLY recommended. All cars will be equipped with a minimum 5-point seat belt harness, with 3” wide belts. Racing seats with proper mounting are “strongly suggested”.

            6a. A large horizontal bar to go side to side just behind the drivers seat is mandated if the car does not have four post cage.  This is to support the seat, gives a good surface to attach five point harness too and is a crush bar for a hard side impact. The five point harness is not to be mounted to the floor, but attached to the horizontal bar. 

6b. No big channel or pipes or L-angle bolted for a door plate that can become a spear for the Steel plate. The Steel plate needs to be attached to the front fender & to the body panel to the rear of the drivers door.



7. Raceceivers are mandatory. Window net is mandatory.

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