This division will be competitive. Midwest officials reserve the right to add weight to any location, in 100 lb. increments. Install air restrictors on the engine, or impose a handicap at any time should any single car or driver dominate.

1. All rubber boots will be removed from your struts for ease of inspection.



1. All cars will be a 4 or 6 cylinder, Front Wheel Drive or Rear Wheel Drive, with a manual or automatic transmission.

2. Vans, Convertibles, 2 seat coupes, cogsworth engines, super or turbo charged cars will NOT be permitted.

3. Cars with four wheel steering will not be permitted.

4. These vehicles will remain stock, in their original form and shape. No alterations will be made to your cars, unless it is stated that you may do so.


Safety Requirements



1. Safety rules will be strongly enforced in this class. You will be required to have a full fire suit, a minimum full face Snell SA2005/10 or newer helmet.

2. ROLL CAGE- MUST BE SECURELY WELDED TO CHASSIS. Four point cage REQUIRED. Minimum 1.5” O.D. Tubing minimum wall thickness (.095). Loop behind driver. Two horizontal bars minimum on passenger side. Three drivers door bars minimum. 18” x 24” x1/8 plate in driver’s door. 1” x 1” square tube OK for rub rails. Ends must be angled and capped. Roll cage must be above driver’s head. Optional: One bat from strut tower on each side. One cross bar ahead of the radiator. 1 ½ tubing max.


Full Containment Seats and HANS Device are strongly recommended. They may be required at some tracks with no exceptions.


Optional: Support bars from the rear roll cage to the rear of the car are permitted. Support bars to front strut towers permitted.


1. Front Hoops may be added for safety as well as keeping the car from bending so easy. 1 ¾” round tubing maximum (no heavy square tubing or channel). You may build your radiator support rather than using the stock core supports. Stock bumpers & all front OEM sheet metal are still required.

2. Three vertical driver protection bars are required in the windshield ahead of the driver.

Gas Tanks & Batteries

1. If the stock gas tank is located ahead of the rear axle, it may remain in place as is (Skid plate is REQUIRED). Double check the gas lines and the tank straps, replace them if they are worn. All stock tanks located behind the rear end must be removed and relocated to the trunk area or replaced with an 8 gallon (or smaller) fuel cell and place it in the forward area of your trunk. These tanks must have a metal frame to hold the tanks in place, and must be strapped in place securely. All fuel pumps are required to have a Kill Switch for the fuel pump shut off, located in plain sight, in the window opening next to the driver.

2. All batteries that are mounted inside the driver’s compartment must be completely enclosed in a marine-type box with a lid, and mounted securely.


Fuel Cells are highly recommended, but may be mandatory at certain tracks with no exceptions.




Steel body mandatory. May have aftermarket body but must remain stock appearing. Steel firewall and floor pan mandatory. Hoods and truck lids must be secured with hood pins. No enclosing of the driver cockpit from the passenger side door. There is a 4"min ground clearance height for the frame and body. No wings of any type, no cowcatchers. 2"spoiler maximum allowed. No side widows or air deflectors allowed. Driver must be able to exit both sides of the car with helmet on. Front and rear bumpers must not stick past the body lines.


Steering & Suspension

1. All steering and suspension will remain stock with no modifications front to rear & side to side. You will be allowed to adjust camber on all four corners. Wheelbase may be adjusted. Minimum wheel base on either side may not be less than 92”.

2. You may have a quick release steering wheel for safety, but will have the complete stock steering assembly.

3. Struts may be taken off for inspection at any time during that day’s event.

4. Heim joint suspension components will not be permitted. All suspension components must utilize stock bushings and mounts.

 5. Coil overs and adjustable struts will be permitted.

6. No made for racing shocks. One shock per wheel.

7. Spring rubbers and bump stops will be permitted.

Engines & Exhaust


4 Cyl. or V6 engines only. No turbo or superchargers. We feel this will provide competitive models without spending a lot of money.

1. Stock type electronics only. No MSD boxes. No traction control.

2. Engines and transmissions are to remain stock. NOTE: V6 cars may use automatic transmissions ONLY.


3. If necessary in the interest of competition Midwest Dirt reserves the right to add weight to equalize completion. Stock Engine Control Module (ECM) only for all makes and models. Stand alone Engine Control Unit’s (ECU) will not be permitted. Midwest Dirt reserves the right to inspect any ECM at any time.

4. A stock style exhaust system complete with a working muffler will be mandatory. 2” maximum OD size. There will be a minimum of 15” x 2” OD exhaust pipe – catalytic converter not needed. No exhaust leaks or opening up of the mufflers allowed. No racing mufflers. Stock or glass pack mufflers only .95 decibels maximum as measured by Midwest Dirt official.


Wheels  and Tires


DOT APPROVED street tires with 8" tread maximum. D.O.T APPROVED Hoosiers, American Racers, etc. will NOT be permitted. Approved passenger car tires only. No low profile, trick or exotic tires. Wheel weights allowed on the inside of wheel only and must be securely fastened, taped and glued.


Race wheels on the right side of the car are mandatory. Large racing lug nuts on all wheels. Maximum 8”-inch-wide steel wheels. Shaving, grooving, surface drilling, sipping grinding and needling will be permitted. Chemical alterations, vulcanizing, tire softening, defacing and/or altering the face of the tire lettering and/or tire stamping will not be permitted. Chemicals or tire softening is not permitted at any time. Tires may be inspected at any time. Any violations with any tire presented for competition may result in an immediate disqualification from the events and/or other penalties including but not limited to: loss of money, fines, loss of points and/or suspension.


Mud plugs and Bead Locks will not be permitted. All wheels must be conventional one piece magnetic steel and must be mounted with large lug nuts. Aluminum, plastic and/or carbon fiber wheels will not be permitted. All wheels must be fastened to the hub with 4-5 steel lug nuts.





SOHC                    2150 LBS

DOHC                    2250 LBS

RWD                      2250 LBS

K Series                2450 LBS


1. All lead will be painted white and will be secured with ½” bolts & flat washers.

2. All lead mounting will be subject to the tech official’s discretion.


Towing Hookups

All cars are required to have a cable or chain to hook up to on the front and rear of the car in the event of needing to tow your car off the track. The track and/or wrecker crew is not responsible for damage to race cars.

                                                                                  Enduro Rules
*Fire suit (SA Rated)- Helmet-Gloves-Window Net-Eye protection required
*5 point harness required-racing seat recommended – window net mandatory-Window nets
will have a quick detach at the top of the net. They must be able to drop the window net at
any time to exit the car. Old seat belts bolted or riveted over the opening are not
acceptable as window nets
*Driver and passenger okay- all safety rules for passenger apply. No rear seat
*Roll over bar required- 4 post cage recommended- steel post 2” min. dia. With
1/8” plate welded to each end. It must be bolted to the roof and floor with ½”
bolts. If you have a passenger, you must have a second post to protect the
passenger, OR rollover hoop with diagonal supports on each side. Min. 1 ½”
x.095 tubing.
*Doors must be bolted or welded shut. If Bolted- 3/8 bolts -3 across the end- 2 on
the bottom
*Windshield ok – If windshield removed 3 bars mandatory across the opening
*Air bags must be removed
*You must pass safety inspection to race
*No reinforced bumpers or inner structures. No cow catcher bumpers
*Catalytic converters must be removed.
*Exhaust must exit behind driver
*No vtec engines
*Cars – stock-No race cars - 4 or 6 cyl. FWD – mini vans okay. RWD under
3600 lbs. ok
*No modifications to suspension or engine – Stock Only
*All glass molding, lights, interior must be removed
*Minimum air pressure in all tires – 32lbs.
Driver Rules
Transponder and Raceceiver mandatory if your transponder don’t work we can not
Score your car.
All Enduro vehicles subject to approval by race track officials. No refunds of any kind if your car is not approved to race.
All decisions with tech and scoring by Hartford Speedway Officials are Final.
Note: Event procedures, vehicle specification, rules, time and date, length of event, are subject to change at Hartford Speedway Officials discretion
*Stop on all red flags- maintain gap
*Stay strapped in your car until red flag- get out to infield until race is done
*If you have a right side flat, slow down- go to infield or off the track immediately-noexceptions- you will be black flagged if you don’t
Decisions of track officials final! Questions call 312-722-4433


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